Edited highlights of search results for the phrase "The internet is like" at Google.com, December 31st 2002

  1. ...taking an electronic field trip
  2. ...television on steroids
  3. ...that proverbial needle in the haystack
  4. ...the national electricity grid
  5. ...the nervous system of our planet
  6. ...the new frontier for exploration by common people
  7. ...the ocean
  8. ...the poor lonely orphan in the media mix
  9. ...the reinvention of paper
  10. ...the wild west in many respects
  11. ...Thomas Paine's common sense
  12. ...trying to comprehend rubik's cube
  13. ...a telephone network for computers
  14. ...an information flea market
  15. ...an old gold mine
  16. ...any other advertising medium in that you can't control who sees your ad
  17. ...being in a dark room with a bunch of strangers
  18. ...Dodge City when the James Gang is in town
  19. ...literature's pimp
  20. ...many aspects of society and contains a wide range of experiences
  21. ...nothing there has ever been before
  22. ...other potentially compulsive activities
  23. ...real life in a lot of ways
  24. ...taking a drink from a fire hydrant
  25. ...a big swimming pool on a hot summer day
  26. ...a child growing daily
  27. ...a big shopping mall
  28. ...a church
  29. ...a circulatory system or like a nervous system
  30. ...a giant jellyfish
  31. ...a library with no catalog where all the books get up and move themselves every night
  32. ...a magnifying glass
  33. ...a mask that people wear
  34. ...a meadow after a major fire
  35. ...a million tractor beams hitting me at once
  36. ...a newspaper without a publisher or editor
  37. ...a sword that cuts both ways
The Internet is like...

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