Welcome to the SOUNDSCAPE of PABlo aka Phoenixbird's Music!

This part of my website is packed with sonic creations. It's where you can listen to prototypes of musical compositions, demo song versions, and hear stems/splits of tracks from the work-in-progress arrangements of my music creation efforts.

I'll be sharing the details of my music production, including the software tools that I use, the playing techniques that I've developed, my ideas about sound design and special FX, and descriptions of the workflow of my writing/recording/mixing process. I'll also be including reviews and additional updates about how I'm distributing the results of my music production.

**IMPORTANT** - THIS MUSIC CONTAINS COMPLEX HARMONIC CONTENT. So use your best speakers to listen because phone or laptop speakers will not do these sounds justice. But for the very best (PsychoAcoustic) listening experience, I suggest using a high quality set of headphones.



Reworked and/or Remixed


Strange Phenomena of the Mind

Album Collection

The Highest Planet

Double Album Collection

The Oneironaut

EP Album Collection



Way of the Shaman

Album Collection

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