2022 Time for change

2021 was another eventful year, to say the least. And with the pandemic still raging in some parts of the world, I'm sure we're all hoping 2022 will keep us safe and bring happiness, abundance, and success to all of us.

I'm starting this new year with a đŸ’¥ BANG đŸ’¥ with some major changes to this website, and by keeping creativity more alive than ever and producing some awesome music! In the coming months, I'll be posting more updates about what's happening with my big plans for 2022 with many more new music releases ahead, new artist collaborations, and much more.

New Sounds and New Features

To start with, I'm launching several new features and new areas in this website, including "MUSICAL NOTES: ANECDOTES FROM A LIFE OF MUSIC MAKING", a free newsletter about ongoing changes to the Music Industry, new techniques being used in live performance and other important innovations in Music Education Technology.

Paid subscribers have exclusive access to listen to uploads of new music that I'm producing and intend to pre-release on this website, and will be able to read original article/essays from me, with all kinds of details about sound design, music production, recording and online streaming of live music performances to remote audiences. Plus there'll be in-depth reviews of the music gear and software tools that apply to Virtual Studio Technology and the newest forms of online collaboration environments for artists that are going to be more useful than ever before to many creative types.

What's Next?

As a composer, as well as a fledgling producer, brand new technology, and newly available techniques and methods that support my creative work are changing my creative workflow and output more than ever before.

In 2022 I'm becoming much more involved in doing experimental performances that range from using indigenous/native instruments and found sounds captured using sensitive field recording setups, combined with a highly technical assortment of music gear activated with newly created instrument inventions, controlled with quantum computing, networked with AI and utilizing generative visual synthesizers with multimedia production. 

Also, some of the new technologies and/or methodologies include:


that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. It’s designed to be played with a keyboard controller and yet it makes music in a way unlike any instrument before it. In addition to playing this live, I can also record sequences that can be modified in a multitude of ways, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity

a new variety of scales

ranging from typical Western scales, microtonal scales, scales that use just intonation, and everything in between. I can even invent my own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation. Creating a simple melody or sequence, then changing the key and scale, allows me to manipulate the pattern into a whole new creation!


2022 marks something really new and special for me, which is that I'm investigating a technique to input text, save as a wavetable and play back as an instrument. This is not exactly like sampling sounds for playback, and at this point, is for me, one of the most exciting technology-influenced methods for sound design that I've ever become familiar with so far! This is only possible for me, because of the discovery of the Vital Synth Plugin, a VST that works inside Ableton Live.

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Creative Plans for 2022

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