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Introducing C to Shining C

The Revolutionary Activated-Learning Music Method

C to Shining C will change the way that you think about playing music by combining natural thought processes, and rapid fulfullment of the physical manipulation abilites that are necessary in order to express yourself as a musical performer.

Establishing a groundbreaking methodology developed from a lifetime of keyboard playing in concerts and recording studios, PABlo captures the elegance of traditional music theory and adds new perspective to the ways that music improvisation occurs.

With built-in visualization available, it takes only a few hours to realize the dream of being a musician and performer.

As controversial as it seems, PABlo's method regards "practicing" as undesirable and motivates the 21st century musical student to "play" instead...

C is for Conundrum


Sometimes I hear bits and pieces of song lyrics in my head. I find many of them to be particularly relevant, like Dave Matthews asking you "what would you say", or The Who exhorting you to "pick up your guitar and play".

Of course, it’s much easier said than done. There are so many other distractions, as well as necessary duties in life, that there is often little time left for anything unscheduled. As much as I love playing music, I often find that I need to have a goal in mind in order to make time to play.

The Creative Passport



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