A Concept

(Or rather a series of Concepts)

A Concept

Distribution of the elements of the Omni-Media story telling process will be facilitated completely throughout the production process, from the creation and production of media assets by the artists to the entire extent and scope of what the audience perceives. This will be accomplished with a steadily evolving integration of multiple inventions centered around the ability to exploit the power of new technology, with the ability for information to travel around the world via the Internet.

The installation, in conjunction with the performance event, will allow interested audience participants to have a chance to tour the exhibit where they can familiarize themselves with some or all of the technology which is being utilized in the scope of the project, as it pertains to the generation and control of artistic expression and the presentation of the results of that creativity.

Innovations such as O.P.T. can be used as a "springboard" to enhance the traditional techniques and methods for dramatization and communication of the story, allowing for the "Inclusion" of sensory impaired or otherwise developmentally delayed children and/or adults who can be afforded an opportunity to be part of the performance or to participate as members of the audience. Because this concept does not exclude anyone, the attendees of the performance (including sensory impaired individuals), will enjoy unique examples of assistive adaptations for accessing and augmenting the content of the performance presentation.

The Phoenix Bird Project has an agenda that intends to tour from location-to-location, in order to plant the seeds for the creation of connected communities of eco-literate beneficiaries of this effort. This will be accomplished by advocating, supporting and promoting the utilization of reused, renewable, and sustainable resources --as a factor in successfully producing the events and installations-- as mobile, off-the-grid, Internet-connected community platforms for Social Events, development of Creative Arts and Business Know-How, and Technology incubation, research, development and distribution.