From Spores to Fruitbodies

Be it known that I am a student of the Fungi, and a Mycophile, as well as an amateur Mycologist.

I have been a fascinated observer of how Mushrooms grow ever since I was a young boy, and just like certain other interests that I've passionately pursued throughout my entire life, I've always exhibited a strong curiousity towards all things Sporocarp

according to Wikipedia:
In fungi, the sporocarp (also known as fruiting bodyfruit body or fruitbody) is a multicellular structure on which spore-producing structures, such as basidia or asci, are borne. The fruitbody is part of the sexual phase of a fungal life cycle, with the rest of the life cycle being characterized by vegetative-mycelial growth and asexual spore production.

But this isn't the backstory about how and why I love Mushrooms. This is about what I've been learning about more recently, and how I've begun to cultivate culinary mushrooms in my own pantry at home. 

Oyster Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom


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The NO DEAD TREES Collection

  • Storing Data in a Hologram

    The traditional way of taking a three-dimensional photograph, or hologram, involves splitting a laser beam in two, reflecting one half (known as the object beam) off the thing that is to be holographed, and then recombining it with the other half (known as the reference beam) and exposing a photographic film to the result.

    The process of recombination produces an interference pattern that is recorded on the film, and when this pattern is viewed in suitable lighting, an image that looks three-dimensional becomes visible to the eye.

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  • MIT's "Open Knowledge Systems" Initiative

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has some of its course materials available online -- for free.

    With an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can access MIT's pilot project: OpenCourseWare which includes the syllabus, lecture notes, exams (with answers), and videotaped lectures of 32 MIT courses.

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  • C is for Conundrum

    Sometimes I hear bits and pieces of song lyrics in my head. I find many of them to be particularly relevant, like Dave Matthews asking you "what would you say", or The Who exhorting you to "pick up your guitar and play".

    Of course, it’s much easier said than done. There are so many other distractions, as well as necessary duties in life, that there is often little time left for anything unscheduled. As much as I love playing music, I often find that I need to have a goal in mind in order to make time to play.

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