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The Five Key Laws of Quantum Physics

Black, White, and Blackandwhite

Science has a way of advancing at parallel times in different spaces (i.e. the same technologies that have historically been invented by two separate people in different locales at the same time).

Quantum experiments in the past have used beams of light to explore the working priniciples, and more recently two or more groups have demonstrated teleportation of quantum states of massive particles.

So this isnt the first time in my life that I've become excited about the prospect of Quantum Computing given the black-box nature of Shrodinger's notion that 

*observing a system affects its outcome.

Since the most useful information derived from computing is the kind whose end state you can observe, I think of Quantum Computing as a complex rube-goldberg pendulum inside a box. You only get one result when you measure the system, but it's all the unknown paths that are of great value.